Qchk++AdC Frequently Asked Questions

Qchk ++AdC is for diamonds only.

Colourless and near-colourless.(D-J).

Training will be given after installation of the instrument and user manual is supplied along with the instrument.

No, it is not possible to use Qchk ++AdC for screening natural HPHT treated diamonds and simulants.

Qchk++AdC Operation Frequently Asked Questions

A parcel loaded in the sample tray provided, takes around 7 seconds to check for the presence of synthetic Diamonds.

The main section of the sample tray is 11 x 6 cm in area and the diamonds to be screened must be presented in a single layer. 1000 to 2000 diamonds of Star melee, -2 size can be tested at a time, Depending on the size of the stones number can vary.

Yes, it is possible to check rings , bangles with provided accessories (Black Box) .

Qchk ++AdC contains an ultraviolet light source; it is not advisable to use tweezers when scanning is in progress to avoid the exposure to harmful UV radiation . Use of tweezers inside the sample compartment is not allowed for safety reasons.

Yes, images can be saved in the laptop provided.

For normal operation Qchk ++AdC does not require an internet connection . For upgrading the software and for remote troubleshooting an internet connection is required.

Everyday before proceeding with the regular analysis phosphorescence of standard HPHT IIb diamond sample should be checked to confirm the proper functioning of the unit.